7 Tips for Painting the Perfect Portrait

“The reason some portraits don’t look true to life is that some people make no effort to resemble their pictures.”― Salvador Dalí

Painting portraits requires a lot more than creativity. Imagine you can create a complete imaginary character drawing a portrait, it would require a lot of creativity along with a sense of reality and something beyond reality. Sounds complicated right? Not to worry, if painting portraits is your passion try to follow these tips to become the master artist of portraits.


The more you observe the more you learn. You see each and every human being has different eyes, eyebrows, lip shape, face cutting, smile. Try to incorporate these different features of a human face.

Go beyond time:

When you paint an imaginary portrait, think beyond time. It might be ancient it might futuristic but make sure it is timeless. Have you ever imagined why The Monalisa is the most famous portrait for ages? It’s only because Leonardo Da Vinci thought beyond time. Always remember you thought process affects your painting a lot.


If read life stories of all famous artists in the world you will find one thing in common, they worshipped their works like we worship the Almighty. Keep one thing mind you are an artist and painting is your utmost religion. Honestly, if you do your work religiously, you would get success.

Perfectly Imperfect:

You would find in probably in every art book that sketch every feature of the portrait perfectly, this would give parity to the picture. Yeah ! It’s true to define facial features perfectly but have you ever noticed a human face? It’s full of imperfections, science says every creature has two different eye size i.e., one eye is always smaller than the other. So, if you try to follow the rule book of painting, the picture will look more technical. Instead, try to focus on details of a human face and put them on your picture.

Keep a reference:

If you are painting a portrait of your client, it is smart to keep a picture of her/him. Nowadays life has become too busy for a person to give you sitting time for your painting. You can do one thing click a picture on your mobile of your client for your reference and then start painting. It would make your work a lot easier. You can also ask your client to pose from different angles, so that you can select the best profile.

A Vision:

Before you start painting a portrait learn to visualize it. If you can make a clear vision of the portrait you are about to make, the work not only becomes easier but also it is completed soon. Why? See, when you already visualize a face and it’s angle, choosing perfect colours becomes very easy and you don’t have to think after you have started the portrait.

The finishing touch:

Last but not least, build your own style. It is important for people to recognize your work separately. Even if you are painting a portrait, try to give your own touch to make the portrait soulful. For becoming a famous artist, I think this is the most important thing to keep in mind.

That’s all tips for painting the perfect portrait. Thanks for reading the article and let me know in the comment section below about your thoughts for painting a portrait.

Happy Reading!!

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