How To Maintain Wheelchairs And Wheelchair Ramps?


It is essential to clean and maintain wheelchairs regularly for a useful function of the device to work flawlessly since you do not want any further injuries to cause to the people currently using, Wheelchairs are considered as a lifeline for the disabled and people suffering from the medical condition who have less mobility or no mobility at all, and it becomes vital to maintain such machinery regularly since this may cause further injuries to the patient and nobody wants that.

Whether you have bought it from home medical supplies online, they all need maintenance and should be clean regularly to avoid any accidents and unnecessary injuries.

Things to consider for an effective maintenances

Let’s check for some useful tips and important points to keep in mind for the effective maintenance of wheelchairs; it is highly essential to clean them regularly and a thorough check weekly or twice in a month for oiling and other equipment for a smoother ride. The following are the list of things you may consider for effective cleaning.

  • Disinfectant Spray (like Lysol)
  • All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
  • Soap and Detergent
  • Clean cloth
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Wire Brush
  • Vinegar
  • Cleaning

A wheelchair tends to get dirty with a lot of debris and dust around the surrounding hence it is essential to clean the debris around the wheels and brakes as after some time of using the dirt gets stuck in the rotation and helps in less movement or reduce the mobility of a wheelchair. Use the compressed air to remove the dust, which is difficult to pull around the wheels.

Cleaning wheelchair upholstery

It is vital to clean the excess dirt from the wheelchair by washing it with soap or detergent let it dried out and after washing it thoroughly make sure to disinfect the wheelchair to protect your loved ones from any harmful bacteria and virus, oil the surfaces in between the wheel and handle which makes the movement smoother and for longer runs. Buy medical supplies online for a wide range of wheelchairs and other health-related products that are discounted and most trusted.

Cleaning the frame’s tubing

As cleaning the other parts of a wheelchair is the same necessary way, effective cleaning of frames tubing is highly essential, you can wash it with soap or detergent which is considered as an effective way of cleaning them.

Lubricating the moving parts

Each type of wheelchairs has different parts and comes with a user’s Manual for adequate oiling and lubricating the moving parts to consider going through the user’s Manual once. After washing the wheelchair check if any part is not rusting or damages lubricate moving parts like wheels and chains thoroughly and for electric wheelchair maintenance and clean as per the user’s Manual.

Screws, nuts, and bolts

Ensure that nuts and bolts are tightened and maintained adequately as you do not want this to cause any problem to your loved ones since this may cause serious accidents which can be avoided by thorough check. It is possible that as per the usage with time wear and tear might happen, with the chair being folded down and back up again, and with small impacts along with other machinery problems than can be caused.

Wheelchair ramps

Cleaning and maintaining the wheelchair ramps are also essential; however, cleaning ramps are accessible as compared to maintaining a wheelchair, Ramps should be greased, well-oiled regularly, and cleaned time after time. The aluminum or steel surfaces should be cleaned with soap and detergent and oiled periodically to avoid any issues and for longer durations. Buy medical supplies online for health-related equipment.

Instructions for Cleaning a Manual Wheelchair

  • Disassemble the device by taking off the cushion and back seat
  • Usage of compressed is an effective way of taking the dirt, which isn’t easy to clean with wash.
  • Use warm water to wash and clean the wheelchair with detergent and soft soap and then wipe and let it dry out with a clean cloth or towel.
  • Use another towel to clean between the wheel spokes and around the wheel.
  • Lubricate the moving parts with grease and oil if necessary, tightened the screws and bolts.
  • To clean the seat and back cushions, wash them with the soap or detergent and air dry them.
  • Disinfect the wheelchair after every wash to make sure it is free from any exposure.

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