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PDF Conversion: Why Are PDFs Important for Your Business?

If you work in business or run your own business, it’s necessary for you to have a variety of skills beyond the actual business. In today’s world, that often means having some skills in marketing, sales, and human relations.

Of course, every business person needs some real technical skills to function in today’s world. While you might feel like you know some things, it can be awfully challenging to keep up with all the tech lingo and skills you need to navigate the business world.

For example, someone might ask you to make a PDF conversion and send them information in a PDF format. While you have probably heard the term PDF, you might not know how to do a conversion or why PDFs are used in the business world.

Read on to learn about PDF files and how to make them.

What Are PDF Files?

PDFs were created by Adobe back in 1993 as a method of saving and transferring data and files. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is used universally to save and share documents.

You might receive a document that has the extension .pdf. This means the file has been saved into PDF format. Most of the time PDFs are used to create a read-only file, although it is possible to edit a PDF file too.

Depending on where you are working from and what type of document you want to save, there are a variety of ways to create a PDF.

Let’s take a closer look.

PDF Conversion on a MAC

Learning how to save as pdf first depends on where you are saving from. Depending on what your computer maker and the program will change slightly how you create a PDF document.

When you are using a MAC, there are a few different ways to save as a PDF depending on if you use Chrome or Safari.

MAC PDF Files Using Chrome

Let’s say you are using your MAC Book and want to save a page on the web for later. Note this doesn’t save the whole web page. A web page is really a series of pages. You would need to follow these steps for each page on the website to save them all.

On Chrome, get to the page you wish to save. Then press Command + P on your keyboard. Then select print. When you print something, you always have to give your computer a destination for printing. Instead of telling it to go to a specific printer, choose to save as a PDF.

Then you select all on the pages. You can also tell it what layout you would like to save in. The layout will designate how it saves, without having an impact on the actual webpage. It’s worth noting that this is smart to play around with as some webpages will save with more accuracy in landscape format.

When saving in Chrome you can also look for the three dots in the top right corner of your Chrome window. This is the menu for settings where you can also select print. Then again choose to save as a PDF instead of printing to a specific designation.

MAC PDF Files Using Safari

Using your Mac you might also want to make a PDF conversion when you are on Safari. The steps are similar and very simple.

Open Safari and navigate to the website page you wish to save. Go to the menu and then select “File”. Then tell the computer you want to “Export as a PDF” from the drop-down menu.

Once you select this, it will ask you to name the file you are saving and where you want it saved on your computer.

PDF Conversion on Windows

On Window, you will likely be using a program like Microsoft Word when you want to create a PDF file. Since this program creates word documents, it’s likely one you’d want to know to use to save as a PDF.

The process is very similar to the above applications.

In the upper left corner, click on the file and a new window will open. On the left is a blue bar that has a menu of options. Click on Save As. Then another window will pop open so you can designate where you want to save the PDF.

Once you decide on a file location, there is a bar across the middle of the bottom with a drop-down that says Save As Type. Click this drop-down and select PDF. This will save your document securely as it is on the screen into a PDF file.

Business Benefits of Using PDF Conversion

You should be aware of the many advantages of using a PDF conversion for your business applications. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using PDFs for your business.

When you create a PDF file, you secure the formatting of your document. If you send a Word document and the recipient is using a different version or application, formatting can be lost, which doesn’t happen when using a PDF.

PDF files are so commonly used across the globe. No matter where you send a PDF document it will be understood and accepted.

PDF files work with any operating system, so they can be sent and shared without having to have the same computer applications.

You also have the ability to PDF password remover protect.

Make a PDF Conversion Uses Your Computer and a Few Simple Clicks

Using PDF files is a part of using technology in business. Use these tips for creating a PDF conversion to save pages and documents into PDF files for your business.

For more articles like this one, be sure to visit our page often.

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