T-Shirt Types, Their Benefits, and Crew-Neck Style Tees

T-shirts are versatile pieces of clothing. How? One can look formal or informal by wearing a t-shirt. Many individuals in the U.S. (United States) are after t-shirts, as tees are breathable pieces of fabric. T-shirts are usually of two types that is, long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts.

The short sleeve t-shirts help wearers get casual looks while long sleeve t-shirts can either be worn casually or formally. T-shirts also come in a variety of styles, such as crewneck styles like Next Level N6210 or graphic style. Then there are sleeveless tees, ringer tees, raglan t-shirts, and many other styles of t-shirts.

Wearing Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve T-Shirts:

Short sleeve t-shirts are worn when the weather is hot, as they let the wearers feel cool in the hotter weather conditions. Long sleeve t-shirts are generally worn when the weather is chill.

Although long sleeve t-shirts are used formally still, they can be worn casually All that you need to do is to roll up the sleeves of a long sleeve t-shirt to wear it casually.

5 Advantages of a T-Shirt:

Although wearing t-shirts has many advantages; however, there are 5 advantages that one should know about wearing t-shirts, which are mentioned below:

  • One can breathe well by wearing a t-shirt.
  • A t-shirt can either be worn casually or formally, depending on the situation.
  • A t-shirt is not a big-ticket wardrobe accessory
  • When it comes to fashion, one cannot go wrong with t-shirts.
  • Wearers can feel the sought after comfort by wearing t-shirts.

T-Shirt for All Seasons:

T-shirts are meant for all seasons, be it summer, fall, summer, spring. For instance, in the summer; one cannot go wrong with short sleeve t-shirts. Similarly, in the winter; one can make the most of long sleeve t-shirts. In the winter, layering long sleeve t-shirts with other pieces of clothing is a good idea.

The Most Popular Style of a T-Shirt:

The most popular style of t-shirts is a crewneck t-shirt. They are simple in appearance and versatile in functionality. One of the best-selling crewneck t-shirts is  Next Level N6210, The crewneck style t-shirt is the variation of a classic t-shirt with a round and collarless neckline. The crewneck style of the t-shirt has been around us for almost over a century.

The History of Crewneck T-Shirt:

The crewneck t-shirt is derived from the nautical origin, where oarsmen and boatmen made popular the style of a simple white tee. The name, “crewneck is derived from the crew that runs a ship.

The crewneck t-shirt evolved from the undergarments that were used during the nineteenth century when the one-piece “union suit” was divided into two garments. Miners and stevedores chiefly put them on for convenience in hot environments.

As time passed by, the farmers and agricultural workers adopted the basic crewneck owing to its comfortability. In the year, 1913, The USA (United States of America) Navy started issuing a basic white crew-neck tee as a necessary undergarment to be worn under their uniforms, and these t-shirts were named “gob shirts”.

The crewneck tee eventually became a fashion statement. In the year, 1932, the crewneck t-shirts were used as the primary undergarment beneath the uniforms for American players. After 1951, crewneck t-shirts shot up as a common piece of clothing.

The Crewneck Styles and Fits:

The crewneck t-shirts feature versatile cuts and styles that we uncover in t-shirts. Crewneck t-shirts are fitted, loose, and they come in muscle styles.

Crewneck Vs. Scoopneck:

Both crew-neck and scoop neck style t-shirts have a similar shape in the collar. The difference between the two is that crewneck t-shirts are snugger against the neck while scoop neck t-shirts have a U-shaped neck.

Why Business Owners Sell Crewneck T-Shirts?

As we have already mentioned that crewneck style t-shirts are the most popular t-shirts in terms of style, thus business owners in America feel proud by selling crewneck t-shirts, such as Next Level N6210.


T-shirts are versatile pieces of clothing; for the same reason, many individuals in the U.S. are after t-shirts. T-shirts are usually of two types that is, long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts.

Shorts sleeve t-shirts are typically worn in the hotter weather conditions, and long sleeve t-shirts are usually the choice of people in the colder weather conditions. There are some obvious advantages to wearing t-shirts. A few of those advantages are: T-shirts are breathable and comfortable at the same time.

T-shirts can be worn in all seasons, and the most popular style of t-shirts is a crewneck t-shirt. There is a long history that is, associated with the birth of crewneck t-shirts. The crewneck style t-shirts come online in versatile styles and cuts.

These t-shirts are snugger against the neck. Last but not least, many business owners prefer the business of selling crewneck t-shirts to customers in the USA owing to their widespread popularity in America.

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