Top 5 Benefits of Taking Melatonin

Are you looking to take melatonin to help with your sleep problems?

There are around 70 million Americans who suffer from chronic sleep problems. This means that they either have a problem with staying asleep or staying awake. It hampers their productivity during the day as it causes them to have a muddled mind and have no energy to be productive.

Among the benefits of taking melatonin is that it helps them regulate their sleep schedule. It’s called the sleep hormone for a reason, after all. However, did you know that there are other benefits of melatonin other than sleep regulation, as well?

Increasing the melatonin in your body by taking supplements helps other parts of your body besides your brain. Here’s a list of the other benefits of the sleep hormone.

1. Promotes Your Overall Health

Melatonin helps improve your health other than by helping you sleep. It also improves your health by lowering, increasing, and boosting certain things in your body. Here are the things that melatonin does to improve your health.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Taking measured melatonin supplements can help you reduce your blood pressure as you sleep. This is because it causes the walls of the major blood vessels, like your arteries, to relax. This allows your blood to travel with ease all across your body.

This works because hypertension patients suffer from the opposite condition. Vasoconstriction narrows the blood vessels, instead, making it harder for blood to travel across your body in large amounts. Not only does this increase your blood pressure, but it also means that you have less energy during your waking hours.

Increases the Production of Antioxidants

As important as oxygen is to us, too much of it can cause the death of our cells. This is why people take a lot of antioxidants to prevent this from happening. Did you know that melatonin can promote the production of antioxidants?

It increases the natural production of enzymes in our bodies. These support the mitochondria’s function in getting rid of toxic elements in our cells. This way, our cells don’t atrophy as soon as it would without the help of antioxidants.

This also helps us prevent degenerative diseases along the line. Neurodegenerative diseases are often caused by the early destruction of cells. Preventing this from happening reduces the chances of these diseases from happening.

Boosts Your Immune System

Melatonin also helps you boost your immune system. This means that you will be better at fighting against infections with the help of melatonin.

Doing this also inhibits your cells from premature aging. It’s a great way to look youthful and stay looking like your age for longer.

Melatonin also helps you prevent other diseases. This is because it has an anti-inflammatory property. This makes it effective against immunosuppressive diseases that cause more damage in the long run.

2. Benefits Different Organs

Your organs get to benefit from melatonin, as well. Read below to know which organs benefit from it and how.


As mentioned above, melatonin has properties that help against inflammation. It also helps promote the natural production of antioxidants. These are all helpful in promoting heart health.

This is because these properties help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Because of this, melatonin is also a great way to avoid other cardiovascular diseases. Most of these diseases often stem from muscle failure.

Cellular degeneration is a common cause of muscle failure. Melatonin will help prevent that, effectively helping to prevent many cardiovascular diseases.

Gut Health

Among the most common problems of your gut is inflammation. This causes it to have a harder time digesting your food and allowing for smooth passage. With melatonin, you can ease the inflammation in your gut.

The hormone also helps strengthen your lower esophageal sphincter. This is what separates your throat from your stomach. A weak LES opens up and allows acid from your stomach back into your throat.

This is what results in acid reflux, which is a terrible discomfort no matter what. Melatonin prevents this by preventing the LES from relaxing. This way, no acid comes back out of your stomach.


Your thyroid gland is responsible for many functions in your body. It’s responsible for a large part of the body’s growth and development early on. It then becomes another big part of the body’s metabolism.

With age, though, the thyroid begins to shrink and produce less of its hormones. With the help of melatonin, though, the thyroid doesn’t shrink as much. In fact, it promotes the growth of the thyroid gland over the years.

It’s only slight growth, but it’s enough to promote healthy functions all over the body. This will help you fight the signs of aging such as indigestion, too.

3. Helps Avoid Certain Diseases

What’s great about melatonin is that it can help you avoid certain diseases. Check out the list below to know what you’re avoiding by taking melatonin.

Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a disease caused by the death of cells in the brain. This causes the person to have a severe loss in some of his motor functions. It also causes them to start shaking, as they can’t control their motor functions anymore.

With the help of melatonin, though, you have a better chance of avoiding Parkinson’s disease. This is because it prevents the loss of such cells in the brain. This also works against Alzheimer’s, which is a disease caused by the excessive build-up of proteins in the brain.

These proteins then tangle with brain cells, causing a person to lose some of its functions. Melatonin prevents this by regulating the proteins in the brain. It will also help by breaking down such proteins by promoting mitochondrial functions.


Did you know that around 29.1 million people suffer from diabetes? There are also eight million people who are unaware that they’re suffering from it. In case you’re among the unaware people, you can reduce the risk of it getting worse with melatonin.

It improves the balance of insulin in your body. Insulin is a hormone that protects your body from the effects of diabetes. With the help of melatonin, cells that produce insulin become protected from cell death.

4. Help With Common Conditions

If melatonin can’t help you avoid it, it can at least help you ease it. These are some of the common conditions that melatonin can help you get through.


This is a common condition where you hear ringing sounds in your ears. This sound disappears soon enough, but can often be irritating. What’s worse is that this often happens at night, preventing people from falling asleep.

People often don’t realize that it’s because of nerves that this happens. Some nerves don’t get to settle immediately, causing them to cause auditory hallucinations. If left alone, it can cause a person to suffer from anxiety attacks and sleep deprivation.

Melatonin helps by repairing the nerves on the fritz. It also helps you by encouraging you to sleep at the right times.


IBS is another common condition that people suffer. While most cases are bacterial, some people suffer from IBS because of the early onset of stress. This causes people to have severe cases of diarrhea that can last for the better part of the week.

Melatonin helps relieve the effects of IBS. It has an analgesic effect that eases the discomfort a person feels during IBS. It also improves the gastrointestinal tract, leading to smooth bowel movements despite IBS.

Chronic Pain

Many people suffer from chronic pain. It can be simple headaches or backaches. Others have it worse and suffer from conditions like fibromyalgia.

Melatonin supplements can help with chronic pain because of the anti-inflammatory properties it has. This will help with most cases like headaches and such.

Fibromyalgia has no definite cause but is often attributed to excessive protein build-up. As mentioned above, the antioxidant properties of melatonin can help with this excessive build-up.

5. Helps With the Development of Children

Sleep is important to help developing children grow better. Melatonin can help by helping kids get the right amount of sleep at night. What most people don’t know is that melatonin can also help children with developmental issues.

Children suffering from autism and ADHD often have trouble getting some sleep. Some even stay up for 18 hours a day and wake up with as much enthusiasm as before. It can cause severe exhaustion if you don’t do anything to remedy it.

This is where melatonin steps in to help children get their sleep. It also helps them by improving their behavior. To get them to take the hormone, have a supply of sleep vitamins at the ready for them to take.

Reap the Benefits of Taking Melatonin Today

Keep yourself informed to know the other benefits of taking melatonin. You may not know that the hormone can help you with other problems that you already have. Use the guide above to learn all about the benefits of taking melatonin every night now!

Do you want to learn more about how hormones work in your body? Check out more of our posts to learn all you can about it today!

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